Started in 2012 In Mobile Phone Accessories and Repair/Maintenance Service, and by concentrating on the need of the market and what people want and knowing what are the problems and creating the best solutions.
Our Number One success is servicing our customers in a trust and loyal experience, after 5 years has gone thru, and we can not keep up with the demand of the market, and our customer base was growing rapidly, we decide that we need to move and relocate our shop destination to a new and bigger location.
In 2017 we opened a bigger shop, and designed it to meet the needs of the market, and to let our existing loyal customers feel more comfortable in their shopping experience with us.
Our products vary from sim cards, recharge cards, mobile phones, chargers and cables, power banks, power adapters, earphones, screen protections, cases, covers, phone screen repair, battery replacement, software, unlock and many more.
As we were only on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram), from the beginning of our journey.
We decided to maintain easy and reliable service from our variety of products by creating a website that lets our customers feel more comfortable in their online shopping experience with us.
And by knowing the problems that everyone Is facing in Lebanon, from Transportation, to the Pandemic and the Economic situation.
Our solution was very easy and simple:
One Website, Two Social Media Platform, delivery service and best customer support which will keep our customers happy in their experience from start to finish.
We are always happy to serve you

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1 business day in Beirut
3 to 5 business days outside Beirut.

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